Why Does 90% of Marketing and Sales Communication Go Down the Drain?

Simple. Look for the WHY in the message and scarcity pops up instantly. All the fancy layouts and the smart headlines can’t quite compensate for that nagging question that goes unanswered. All your customers want to know is, Why should I choose you? Why should I take this decision? Why should I spend this money? Why should I look at your website? Why should I read your brochure?’ Why should I listen to your speech? ‘Why? Why? Why?’

Dump the fluff. Get your customer’s to see ‘what’s in it for me’ with a crystal clear message. Once you have the WHY factor built into you’re marketing and sales message then you will start to see results. Now, if any of your answers contain the word ‘WE’, such as we do this and we do that, then you have failed the WHY test.  Want to know the HOW of WHY? Call Danny at 559-412-4851 and register for a free workshop.