Building Your Personal Brand

In this podcast we talk about building your personal brand.

Building Your Personal Brand

What is a brand?

A brand is the sum total of the impressions that clients and prospects have of your business. These impressions are made through the words you say, the images and colors you use, and the ways in which you interact (or fail to interact) with your target market.

Good Real Estate Brands

A good brand for your real estate business will show how you differ from the competition. If you don’t know how you differ, then you should look closer. Your personality alone is a differentiator. Your knowledge of transactions and how they work; your experience dealing with people; the types of houses and neighborhoods you like to work in; the types of people you like to work with; the number and extent of the testimonials you’ve received; what ratio of your business is buyers vs. sellers; how much of your business is by referral; what systems you have in place to market, promote, and close deals — all of these things make you unique. From there, it’s a matter of turning your unique qualities into a workable brand.

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