Search Engine Optimization is a marathon – this is how to get in shape for it

Search engine optimization is a marathon. It’s not a sprint. If you want to reach the finish line, you have to have to get in shape.

I always get asked how to get on page one of Google. When you refer to ‘page one’ you are referring to the first page of results for a certain search term or phrase. There are basically two ways, through paid ads or organic.

With paid ads you bid against other business for a search term or phrase and pay Google every time someone clicks on your ad. You could pay anywhere from 50 cents to 50 dollars depending on how popular the term or phrase is.

Organic (AKA free) is the process where you create your website meta tags and content so that they are relative to the term or phrase that you want to be found for. It is like climbing a ladder (takes work), you have to proceed upwards one rung at a time while others are climbing with you. There are already enough people at the top of the ladder so you will need to kick somebody down so you can make it to the top. That person has worked hard to get there and will not like you trying to take their place; and they will try to get their spot back kicking you off page one. It requires constant work to get to and stay on the first page of Google (meaning it is not free).

If you want to get high rankings on search engines, there are several things that you have to do:

1. Be willing to change and be willing to work

Good SEO programs and SEO services will tell you what you have to do but the work is up to you. You must also implement the changes on your website. Take the advice of your SEO fitness coach and do something. Try to improve your website.

Do not search for reasons why improvement is not possible. Do the things that are necessary to bring your website into shape even if it requires some work.

2. Be honest to yourself

If you want to be fitter then you shouldn’t go to the refrigerator at night and pretend that you didn’t. If you want to get higher rankings on Google, you shouldn’t torpedo your search engine optimization efforts by doing things with your website that you like but aren’t recommended by the SEO service.

3. It helps a lot if you have the right equipment

It’s easier to work out if you have the right equipment. If you want to run long distances, you need running shoes. If you want to get on Google’s first result page, you need a good domain name, a good server, clean web pages and a good SEO tool. It will be much easier to get good results then.

4. Do not try to game the system

If you want to be fitter without working out, you might take some pills. This can work for some time but ultimately, the pills will make you sick and destroy your body.

If you want to get quick search engine optimization results, you might consider spammy techniques that promise immediate or very fast results.

These methods can work for some time but Google detects all spam methods sooner or later and your website will be banned from the index.

5. When you work out you will see results.

If you’re not afraid of change then your website will get the rankings that it deserves. It’s not easy to get top 10 rankings on Google but it’s also not difficult if you do the right things.

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