How to use social media successfully for business

It is not what you think.

Do not base your business on a social media account.

According to recent reports only a few of your loyal customers are seeing your Facebook posts from your business page. More importantly, social media sites own your content and can change their terms of service at will or just go out of business. Don’t send customers from your website to your social media site, send them from your social media site to your website. The reason is because you rent open ground with a social channel and there are no assurances that your content will be seen.

Do not use social media as a direct sales tool, customers rarely buy from an ad on social media sites. Instead, use social media to send traffic to your website as a home base for all of your marketing and sales activity. Your website is where you educate and motivate your customers and build your brand. By using forms on your website you can capture leads and automate the education process right to the sale. Find out more about using forms on your website.

Your website is where you educate, inform, answer FAQs, demonstrate your product or service, write your blog, get customers to join your email list (that you own) all in an orderly fashion. Use your website to market your upsells, post sales, repeat sales, referral sales, discount sales and special offers.

YouTube Videos

If you have video on YouTube, embed them in your website, don’t send customers off to someplace that has videos from your competitors or other distractions. You want to keep customers on your website where you can drive them to the sale.

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