About the CORE Digital Marketing System

We make it easy to be successful with your online marketing with the CORE Digital Marketing System.

The only complete step-by-step digital marketing framework that tells you exactly what to do from the setup to the execution of your digital marketing campaign. We also offer a workbook to help you with each step along the way.

Here are some of the benefits of using the CORE Digital Marketing System.

– Simplify setup, creation and execution of your digital marketing campaigns
– Set up your digital marketing campaigns right the first time
– Stop the guesswork and experimenting with your online marketing
– Save money and time by avoiding costly mistakes
– Run your digital marketing campaigns with purpose and clarity

Each step is organized and broken down into an easy-to-follow framework. Finally bring order to your online marketing and stop the guessing and experimenting with the future of your business.

Here is how the framework is set up.

CORE Section 1 – Setting up your digital marketing campaign foundation:

The Customer is the key component of your entire marketing process. By setting up your online marketing around who your real prospect is and how they think, you will be able to create the right content that will attract and engage your prospective customer.

This section is divided into seven specific action steps.

  • Setting your marketing goals and objectives
  • Identify your target market
  • Create your customer persona
  • Describing your customer’s pain/desire
  • Creating your solution to the customer’s pain/desire
  • Mapping your customer buying journey
  • Calculating customer lifetime value
  • Creating your Competitive Analysis

The Core Digital Marketing System Workbook walks you through each action.

Step 2 – Creating the digital marketing campaign components:

Once you have setup the foundation for your marketing campaign, then you can create the components needed to run a successful campaign.

This section is divided into eight specific actions.

  • Create a lead magnet – free report, guide, or video
  • Create your call-to-action – your ‘buy now’ button
  • Create your landing page – specifically designed for your lead magnet and offer
  • Create your email nurture sequence – Specific follow up emails from your offer
  • Create your sales page – this is the final destination of your marketing campaign, and the goal is to get them to buy or set up an sales appointment
  • Creating Paid Ads in social and search engines
  • Creating SEO and Organic content for search engines
  • The marketing funnel

 The CORE Digital Marketing System Workbook walks you through each action.


Step 3 – Executing your digital marketing campaign:

Now that you have all the components in place it is time to run your campaign.

This section is divided into two action steps.

  • Starting your campaign, begin running ads and or posting your content
  • Review and adjust

In summary, when you follow a framework that leads you through the critical steps of creating and running an online marketing campaign you will get more qualified customers.