We specialize in digital marketing. Our focus is consulting and coaching small business owners and helping them stop wasting time, money and energy with little to no results with their online marketing. It is time to end the frustration and create a system that gets real results.

I have discovered that the greatest need my customers have is creating a marketing system that gives them control, guides priorities, creates a reliable process, generates accountability and creates a way to measure success while getting more customers.

As a result, I created the Core Marketing System which is guaranteed to eliminate the frustration and confusion from winging it, guessing, and hoping what they are doing works with digital marketing.

Danny Gathright 

I am the founder and owner of Sierra Pacific Marketing which was born in 2009. The name comes from my two favorite places to visit, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It also represents the area that I serve my customers, the central San Joaquin Valley that lays between these two great features of nature.

I graduated from Fresno State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Accounting in 1975. I sold real estate for 4 years and then became a financial auditor. I retired after 30 years in 2009 and decided to start my own business creating websites and helping small businesses with their marketing needs. I realized how many businesses had no real system for marketing their products and services online so I created the Core Marketing System that puts all of the digital marketing principles and practices into one complete system.


Our Values

I operate my business and life within a Christian World View.

The Bible gives us a clear view about how we are to live in relationship to Him, to our family and our neighbors.