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Marketing with
Purpose and Clarity


Reach – Capture – Engage – Convert

Grow your Client Base with the ‘Marketing with Purpose and Clarity’ System Today!

Marketing with Purpose and Clarity’ will get you more qualified clients because:

  • You will have a well-defined digital marketing strategy,
  • You will be able to reach and attract more online leads,
  • You will be able to capture lead information,
  • You will be able to effectively engage leads and transform them into interested prospects,
  • And you will be able to provide the right information to convert interested prospects into customers.

How does Marketing with Purpose and Clarity help you?


Restating your passion, mission, vison and goals for your business puts a focus on how you will help your customers.

We walk you through each part so that you get it right the first time


Defining your target market is extremely important because not everyone is your prospect, However, if you do not know your ideal customer intimately (the Avatar) you will fail in reaching them with the right message.

This is a significant part of the process and we walk you through each step so you would be able to identify your prospect if you saw them in person.


At its simplest, marketing automation is the use of a software platform to capture and engage (nurture) online leads by providing them with relevant content using tools like opt-in forms, email follow up sequences, video and on demand webinars to build that ‘know, like and trust’ relationship so that they will want to be a customer.


After you have defined your Avatar, then you must understand their buying process (the customer journey) and then craft your messages around their buying journey.  The messages are about your prospect and how your product or service solves their need or desire, it is not about you or your product.

Writing the copy for each stage of the engagement (lead nurture process) is the most critical part of the marketing process. We show you how to create the right copy (or we can do it for you) so that you have the right compelling messages for your prospect at each stage of the customer journey.



Being perfectly clear (Clarity) with the right message to the right prospects at the right time is what makes the prospect to ‘know, like and trust’ you and want to be your customer.

STOP 90% of your digital marketing from going down the drain!

The most common digital marketing mistakes are:

Incomplete Avatar, not understanding the customer buying journey, selling features instead of benefits. and a weak call to action.

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